Gone fishing all on your own?
Off the beaten track during a hike?
A dark alley at hight - could mean trouble
Alone in a broken down car at night? I've been there!

Get help wherever you are with ADT FindU

Now ADT keeps you and your family safe outside your home, with armed response, medical assistance, mountain, wilderness and sea rescue services – all activated via your smartphone. Wherever you are, when you need help, we’ll find you...

How to use ADT FindU

Take your smartphone with you wherever you go

- switch on ADT FindU when you need to.

When you need any kind of help at all - send an Alert.

This will be delivered immediately to the ADT FindU Monitoring Centre, as well as a number of emergency contacts that you nominate. All Alerts will include your location, using GPS co-ordinates, and any audio/video clip.

Help is on its way!

The ADT FindU Monitoring Centre receives your Alert - and dispatches the necessary emergency services to you: this could be armed response, medical assistance, mountain, wilderness or sea rescue services

Get ADT FindU for the whole family today and make sure your loved ones are protected, with emergency response services wherever they are!

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The appropriate response unit will be dispatched to assist,
depending on the situation you find yourself in

For You and Your Family

ADT FindU can keep your whole family safe. Wherever they are, they will have access to immediate help from a range of emergency services, co-ordinated by ADT via their smartphones... Now you can enjoy ultimate peace of mind knowing that whatever happens, we'll be there.